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Development And Prospect Of Glass Bottle Manufacturing Industry

Nov 21, 2020

For a period of time, China is still the world's largest glass manufacturing country and Industrial Development Center, and kilns should be developed in the direction of large and medium-sized application of clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and control automation

We are still faced with the enormous pressure of raw and fuel resources and energy conservation and environmental protection

Glass bottle lightweight should have a qualitative breakthrough and leap in concept, technology and manufacturing, and constantly play the leading and guiding role of professional associations

Laws and regulations such as product quality, manufacturing technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, enterprise management and other laws and regulations should be speeded up to lead and promote the healthy development of the industry

Automation control and modern enterprise management mode should be popularized and applied as soon as possible

The state will eliminate a number of polluting enterprises with backward production capacity, technology and management as soon as possible, establish a standardized market competition order, price mechanism, quality level, mandatory laws and regulations, and standards. The forced management will continue to strengthen, and the glass industry will continue to meet new challenges inside and outside the industry