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Create Special Glass Bottle And Shine In Packaging Industry

Sep 04, 2020

Our company is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic glass bottles, with more than 20 years of production experience, the production of high-quality glass bottles, and can produce high-tech glass bottles.

Glass bottles are made of various materials, and products of different properties need different glass bottles. Our company produces cosmetic glass bottles that meet the ybb00272002 standard. The glass bottles that meet this standard are widely used and the price is easy to accept in the market. The glass bottles conforming to the ybb00272002 standard are mainly used as packaging containers for pharmaceutical, health care products, cosmetics, wine and other industries 。

In order to provide customers with better packaging containers, increase the selling points of customers' products, and more in line with the image of the products contained, we professionally create characteristic glass bottles, such as cosmetics glass bottles with Korean characteristics, which have a sense of massiness, and attach importance to the design and pattern of the bottle body. As a carrier, glass bottle not only has the function of protecting the product, convenient storage and circulation, but also appears as the appearance of the product. It represents the image of the product and the image of a production enterprise.

According to the propaganda concept of the customer company, our company designs the glass bottles to satisfy the customers. After proofing, the customers have an understanding of the material, capacity, size and bottle shape of the solid samples, and finally open the mold to produce large batch of glass bottles.

Our company creates characteristic, high-quality cosmetic glass bottle, wins the first opportunity in the depressed glass bottle industry, let our company bloom its own glory in the packaging industry.