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Cosmetics Packaging Materials Material Knowledge.

Feb 04, 2018

AS: high hardness, brittle (when knock is ringing voice), transparent color, and the base of color blue can directly contact with the cosmetic, food, in the ordinary course of lotion bottle, vacuum flask is generally in the material of the bottle, cream bottle of small capacity. It's transparent.

ABS: belongs to engineering plastics, is not environmental protection, hardness is high, can not directly with cosmetics, food contact, in the acrylic cosmetics packaging material generally is the inside cover, shoulder sleeve material. The color is yellow or milky white.

PP, PE: belong to environmental protection material, can be directly with cosmetics, food contact, is filling organic skin to taste the main material, the material quality is white, translucent. Depending on the molecular structure, there are three different degrees of hardness.

PET: it belongs to environmental protection material. It can be directly related to cosmetics and food. It is the main material for filling organic skin care products. The PET material is soft and the color is transparent.

PCTA and PETG: they belong to environmental protection materials. They can be directly related to cosmetics and food. They are the main materials of organic skin care products. The materials are soft, transparent, PCTA and PETG are soft and easy to scratch. And it is not commonly used for printing.

Acrylic: the material is hard, transparent and white. And acrylic to maintain the transparent texture of the bottle inside the bottle, or in the injection molding.