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Cosmetic Packaging Materials

Dec 13, 2019

Material is the basis of packaging, which not only relates to the shape and texture of packaging, but also the protection function of packaging is mainly realized by selecting appropriate materials. The packaging materials of cosmetics are mainly as follows:

1. Plastics. At present, the plastics used for cosmetic packaging are mainly PET, PE, PVC and PP. Among them, PET is mainly used for packing water and beverage, but because of its high strength, good transparency, good chemical stability and high barrier property, it is widely used in the packaging of cream, lotion and make-up water in recent years.

2. Glass. Glass as a packaging material, has many valuable characteristics, such as transparency, heat resistance, chemical stability and barrier property. It can make various shapes and sizes of packaging containers by various molding methods. It is mainly used in various perfumes and some high-grade cosmetics, and caters to the female consumers with its crystal clear beauty.

3. Metal. The barrier property of metal is good, especially aluminum has strong barrier ability to water and oxygen. It can protect the inner parts very well. It is mainly used in some essential oil adding skin care products, moisturizing spray metal cans, and some cosmetics packaging boxes.

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