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Cosmetic Glass Bottle Enterprises Improve Production And Occupy The Market

Sep 11, 2020

In order to promote glass bottles to quickly seize the market, avoid other packaging containers to replace cosmetic glass bottles, and adapt to the severe situation caused by other packaging container challenges. It is not enough to make glass bottle lightweight and advanced energy-saving technology.

The key is to improve labor productivity and production concentration. Among them, glass bottle to improve labor productivity is still in full swing to improve the molding speed of glass bottle. At present, the method widely adopted in developed countries is to use multi group, multi drop molding machine manufacturing.

In order to ensure high-speed, high-quality and high-quality glass bottles, electronic timers are now used to replace the traditional cam drum. The whole process is controlled by computer, which can ensure the best molding conditions and high quality of products.

In order to improve the production concentration, a large number of glass bottle packaging enterprises began to adopt merger and reorganization to improve the concentration of glass bottle container industry, so as to optimize resources, improve scale efficiency and enhance development capacity.