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Cosmetic Bottle With Wide Mouth Bottle Or Dropper Bottle

Nov 21, 2020

Cosmetic bottle with wide mouth bottle or dropper bottle, different people have different opinions. Some people say that the packaging of cosmetic bottle wide mouth bottle is only for "elegant view", which will make all the useful ingredients invalid. Editing concept: it is unexpected that the most common cosmetic bottle, the wide mouth bottle, will cause a "war of words". Since the cosmetic bottle is so easily contaminated, then We don't live in a sterile image. We share the same digging stick as hand digging. The condition is to ensure the cleanliness of the digging tools and tighten the bottle cap as quickly as possible after opening the bottle cap. If you keep it carefully, you don't have to deny all the bottles.

It has been said that cosmetic bottles and jars are unobstructed. As long as the inside is covered with cream, if the bottle mouth is too large, it can be directly dug out with fingers. It is often seen in face creams, facial masks and large washbasins in your home.

Guangkou cosmetic bottle refers to a cosmetic bottle with a large opening. Recently, many netizens have pointed out that such a bottle looks elegant, but it has little influence on the preservation of the useful ingredients of cosmetics. How about the details? Let's start from what is the first level leader of the wide mouth bottle.

As the visual effect of the bottle is more magnificent and luxurious, many brands use such packaging to enhance the brand image, and more frankly, it is the forward price. What's more, some of the most useful ingredients are antioxidants that don't work when they hit the air. No matter how expensive they are, they don't pay attention. When the fingers are dominating, large areas of contact with the product will also cause contamination to the product. It's better not to dig the skin care products in the bottle with your fingers, so as to prevent the bacteria from infecting the useless parts of the bottle. We advocate to dominate the digging stick or disposable cotton stick.