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Cosmetic Bottle Is A Magic Weapon For Small And Medium-sized Cosmetic Enterprises

Sep 25, 2020

Under the condition of sufficient advertising support, there is a certain disadvantage in the market competition. This is a problem faced by many small and medium-sized cosmetics enterprises. Chen Ming, marketing director of China packaging bottle network, said: "if we can occupy an advantage in the design of cosmetic bottles, it is undoubtedly wise to start brand building from cosmetic bottles. The design of cosmetic bottle is undoubtedly an important part of brand construction. Unfortunately, many enterprises have not realized that. "

So how to make cosmetic packaging design meet the market demand? Chen Ming, marketing director of China packaging bottle network, believes that: cosmetics bottle design should follow certain rules; 1. Marketing, cosmetic bottles play the role of silent dumping agents in the terminal, and the sales function of packaging promotes packaging. On the one hand, it is necessary to improve the added value of goods through its design, on the other hand, it is necessary to satisfy people and things through its design Quality and spiritual needs, packaging design by the impact of trade design, constantly changing style, to win the favor of consumers with popular fashion. 2. For example, there are significant differences in the appreciation of colors and patterns between women aged 30 and 40; 3. Referring to competitive products, after studying their packaging design, we must establish and strengthen our differences on our own cosmetics bottles