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Clean Acrylic Bottles Should Pay Attention To Matters?

Oct 18, 2017

Clean acrylic bottles should pay attention to matters?

Using acrylic bottle, may also encounter a bottle of dirty need clean condition, this time we need to pay attention to these matters, can do a good job in the bottle cleaning work at the same time, but also to protect the quality of the bottle, avoid because of bad cleaning due to injury:

Clean matters: attached to the surface of the acrylic bottle when dust, garbage, oil and other substances, the correct cleaning method is to use a soft cloth dipped in clean water and gently wipe, and wipe the bottle before, should first bottle surface particles hard to brush the foreign body to wipe. Otherwise, the surface of the bottle may be damaged because of the friction of the hard materials during the wiping process.

Item two: clean the surface if the acrylic bottle oil to clean the dirt, you can use soft difference detergent diluted with warm water without touching the center to gently wipe decontamination effect and use warm water detergent soak, promote the stubborn dirty bottle surface erased easily.

In addition, when cleaning the acrylic bottle, you have to pay attention to watch the center of detergent is contained in the easy, must ensure that the use of a neutral detergent containing no solvent, otherwise it is possible because the corrosive effects of detergent in the solvent, resulting in corrosion damage of the bottle is in the cleaning process.



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