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Classification Of Cosmetics Packaging Waste

Dec 24, 2019

1. Product packaging

When we buy skin care products and cosmetics, especially for small partners who like online shopping, the most commonly used packaging for these things is express box, express bag, express bag with some small bubbles, etc. as the outer packaging of the whole product; when we buy in physical stores, we often use some plastic bags or packaging paper bags, etc. for packaging.

According to the material of the outer packaging paper bags, they are generally paper, plastic, cloth bags and other packaging bags. These things that can package skin care products and cosmetics belong to recyclable garbage. It is worth noting that the packaging bags of the product itself, such as infrared packaging for mouth and external packaging for foundation liquid, are recyclable garbage.

2. Used bottles and cans

The bottles and cans of water cream and face cream that we use in our daily life can be classified into many kinds of garbage according to the different materials, but most of them are bottles and cans made of glass or plastic, which are also recyclable garbage.

If these "bottled" or "canned" skin care products and cosmetics are used up, and there is no surplus, then these bottles and cans can be directly thrown into the "recyclable waste"; however, if there are some skin care products such as water cream and face cream, we have not fully utilized them, and there may be a little liquid or paste left, at this time, we need to put the liquid in the skin care products or cosmetics After cleaning, it can be counted as recyclable garbage and put in the corresponding garbage bin.

3. Most skin care products and cosmetics

In our daily skin care or make-up process, we often use some small items to assist our make-up and skin care, such as make-up brush, powder puff, cotton swab, hair ring used for hair binding, etc., which are all dry garbage.

But it is worth noting that some expired skin care products or cosmetics belong to hazardous waste.

5. Nail polish remover, etc

However, it should be noted that some irritating nail polish products, such as nail polish, nail washing water, nail remover and nail polish oil, are often used in our daily life. Even though these products have not expired, they are all hazardous wastes. Special treatment is needed to reduce the impact on the environment and land.

So for nail polish, nail remover, armor water and other nail care products, we should be careful to deal with them. They are likely to be harmful garbage.

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