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C60 Fullerene-Introduction Of New Material For Cosmetics Anti-Ageing

Jun 19, 2017

In January 2016, the University of Oxford is a new carbon material research laboratory (Designer Carbon Materials) successfully developed and 1 billion 80 million yuan per gram price will be sold will be used for the manufacture of encapsulated fullerenes, endohedral fullerene atomic clock, because by the media as "the world's most expensive material and is more attention.

Data show that the fullerene (Fullerene) is any component, with spherical, oval shaped by a carbon element, any of a class of material or a tubular structure, the third allotrope of elemental carbon was found. In 1985, the British chemist Dr. Harold Wouter Kroto Rice and American scientists at the University of Richard Smalley and Robert Kerr who discovered this matter and therefore won the 1996 Nobel prize in chemistry.

In the field of cosmetics, since 1990, the research of C60 fullerene in scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation and other functions has been greatly developed. In 1992, Dr.McEwen et al pointed out in the "Journal of the American Chemical Society, C60 fullerenes with free radical scavenging capacity is very strong; in 1997, the National Taiwan University experiments showed that C60 fullerene free radical scavengers are good; in 2004," radical biomedical journals ", Saint Louis Dr.Ali of University of Washington pointed out that the anti free radical effects of C60 fullerene derivatives in the biomedical sciences as superoxide dismutase (SOD), but the effect is more superior than the.


In fact, Japan in twenty-first Century will be the beginning of 2009 for C60 fullerene cosmetics research and development, DHC, launched series of fullerene (Taiwan version of crystal skincare series) 3 new products, the same year the average price of 780 yuan price to promote China market. In official propaganda, fullerenes were used as the main selling point of this series, claiming that they were effective against aging and inhibiting melanin production. However, the "cosmetics Finance Online" reporter entered the DHC official website and Tmall flagship store search found that this series have been off the shelf, the reason is unknown.

In China, there are also relevant research on the application of fullerene cosmetics, but the cosmetics Finance Online reporter has not found relevant clinical trial data. In 2008, Department of chemistry, Tongji University professor Kuang Chunxiang published an article in the "fine and special chemicals in" that is C_ (60) fullerene is a strong antioxidant, the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C is 125 times. In addition to oxidation resistance, C_ (60) fullerene also has the function of scavenging free radicals and activating skin cells (prevention of decay).

But Shanghai Jahwa former technical director Li Huiliang told the "cosmetics Finance Online" reporter, the current domestic cosmetics market, almost no product application of fullerenes and related derivatives. De Xin (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mei Hexiang, director of marketing, said, from the view of anti free radical, fullerene has certain anti-aging effect, but the cost is expensive. "But it's a good thing for the industry to keep getting new technologies."