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Bottle Shape Design Can Focus On Cosmetic Bottles And Wine Bottles

Dec 04, 2020

At present, there are several professional bottle shape design companies in China, plus some large packaging companies set up their own bottle shape design departments and some advertising design companies will also do bottle shape design business, which makes this industry extremely competitive. So in this fiercely competitive market, how can we grasp the main profit points of the market?

      In the current market, we find that beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, food bottles, chemical bottles and medicine bottles are basically similar in appearance, and some small manufacturers often adopt "usage doctrine". They often use bottle shapes that are common in the market. These markets have very little demand for bottle shape designs. It can be said that it is not worth the effort to sell in this market. Let's look at the cosmetics and beverage packaging market. These companies are often relatively large in scale and relatively large in investment, and they need to do branding. Whether it is a cosmetic bottle or a wine bottle, when a new product is not released, packaging design is often developed. This is an area worthy of focus for bottle design companies. To win development opportunities in this market, it is necessary not only to be unique in bottle shape design, but also to have a detailed understanding of the materials and manufacturing of wine bottles and cosmetic bottles, so as to be able to do well.