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Application Of PETG Raw Material In Cosmetic Bottle Industry

Jul 24, 2020

Variables of cosmetic packaging market

With the rapid development of economy, the consumption power of the middle class has been greatly released, and the demand for medium and high-end cosmetics in the female consumer market is particularly prominent.

The beauty of cosmetic bottles directly affects women's affordability to its price, so most of its packaging uses PS, as, PMMA and other raw materials to produce crystal clear products.

However, with the aesthetic requirements, environmental protection and safety has been paid more and more attention.

Characteristics of PETG raw materials

The raw material does not contain bisphenol A, and the food hygiene and flame retardancy are excellent.

Methanol monomer is used in the raw material, only CO2 and water are produced after full combustion.

Excellent optical properties, chemical resistance and printability.

At present, there are only two companies in the world, Eastman and SK in South Korea, which produce this raw material with mature technology.

Injection characteristics of PETG

The processing characteristics of PETG raw materials are different from PMMA, and it is easy to produce chatter marks and other process problems, which requires higher low-speed stability of injection molding machine and screw selection requirements. Therefore, special equipment is often needed. Haitian ha2500 / 1000apus has obvious advantages in this aspect.