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Analysis Of The Development Trend Of Cosmetic Bottles

May 11, 2018

Only from the perspective of the development of packaging craft, department stores, supermarkets, cosmetic stores, we can find that the south Korean cosmetics on the design of the bottle very human nature is changed, all consider for the consumer, the use of simple and convenient.

When consumers don't realize that cosmetics bottles and enhance the brand value and their own taste, the elements of cosmetics bottles may also appear in the determinants of corporate competitiveness is not so important, but with the generalization of cosmetic bottle technology, consumer's choice of cosmetics bottles breadth will progress, thus making marketing research and development the waning of forces.

This is also the basis of research and development (packaging). In this sense, China's cosmetics companies are in danger.

It also requires Chinese cosmetics companies to follow a path in the development of cosmetic bottles: cosmetic bottles from non-customized to customized. Of course, this is a gradual process, and in the process, most of the use of the enterprise is wasted on advertising.

Cosmetics bottles from the custom to custom, is also reflects the demands of consumers, from the value of the pursuit of cosmetics itself, to pay attention to the added value of cosmetics, and the pursuit of brand value, quotes, of course, this brand value is to play, because it basically is to rely on advertising to maintain.

The added value of goods starts with cosmetic bottles. Cosmetic bottles are a shadow of research and development, to a certain extent, cosmetics are sold by packaging.

A cosmetics industry back from South Korea to buy a bottle of cosmetics, want to imitate the cosmetics packaging, is appearance can be pretty close, but cosmetics bottle materials but can not imitate, because still can't find the fine quality packaging materials in China.

So how do you make up the short board?

In the research and development of the research, it is necessary to upgrade the process of the integrated process and optimize the cosmetic bottle process.