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Acrylic Bottles Work Better Than Glass

Feb 21, 2018

With acrylic bottle similar appearance and glass bottles, but companies rarely use glass bottle to packing latex products, using a higher risk of acrylic bottle, this is mainly because in these ways, the use effect is better than the glass bottle, more suitable for application in terms of the emulsion product packaging:

First, the acrylic bottle are can to match the light transmittance of glass, look from the vision at least transparency difference is not large, but its density is far less than the glass, only half of the glass, so is much lighter in weight compared with glass bottles. At the same time, the bottle is not as fragile as glass, and even breaking it will not form sharp fragments like glass.

Second, the wear resistance of acrylic bottle with aluminum close, so the surface is not easy due to friction appear obvious scar, but the glass under large friction, will be left a mark, and this in terms of resistance to chemical corrosion is also stronger than glass bottle.

Third, acrylic bottle has good printing and spraying, can use the appropriate printing and coating process, such diversity on the surface decorative effect, and can achieve high aesthetic, it is glass can not be done.

From these aspects, the use effect of acrylic bottle is better than glass.