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17000 Bottles Of Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer Are Stocked By Two Brothers In The United States

Jun 11, 2020

After strong opposition, a pair of greedy brothers in the United States were forced to give up 17000 bottles of hand sanitizer, which they wanted to sell for $70 each.

A pair of greedy brothers in the United States were forced to give up 17000 bottles of hand sanitizer after strong opposition, which they wanted to sell for $70 per bottle.

The two also faced legal difficulties as the local attorney general stepped in to investigate price fraud and reportedly took their supplies.

Pictures circulated on social media showed a garage filled with boxes of hand sanitizer, face masks and antibacterial wipes. In an interview with the New York Times, the brothers said they crossed two states to fill a truck with $15000 worth of goods.

Matt Colvin said they were scavenging and hoarding after the first viral death in the United States. Since he has worked in the online retail industry for five years, he said he "predicts" market trends in order to be profitable.

After Amazon closed their $70 account for selling bottled disinfectants, the two initially spoke to the New York Times in an attempt to gain sympathy. Colvin acknowledged that they made "crazy money" from pricing, and he also admitted that "it's definitely higher than retail.".

Now, as the U.S. is engulfed by the coronavirus epidemic and stockpiles of disinfection and other equipment are dwindling everywhere, online stores such as Amazon and eBay are starting to crack down on greedy opportunists.

Colvin brothers' actions were quickly attacked, and many social media users came forward to call them "selfish" and "greedy". When the attacks began to pour in, the Colvin brothers said they were "considering" donating items they had hidden in private, and Matt Colvin issued a statement informing clients that the items would be donated to a local church.