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Which kind of common cosmetic container is safe for users

Aug 05, 2018

In the plastic bottle packaging, the monopoly of PET bottles is wide, from the edible oil to the food, from the medicine bottle to the cosmetics packaging. In the near scale, the PET bottle packaging is the only one. When it comes to packaging, PET bottles have many advantages, which are not comparable with other plastic bottles. However, there are some problems in PET bottles that need to be improved. Only by improving these problems can they be adjusted to be the first place in the plastic bottle scale, and can also take the upper hand in other packaging products such as glass bottles.

Cosmetic containers are much more plastic, up to 80%, and glass only 8%. Much use does not mean that plastics are more suitable for filling and maintaining products. The main reason is the high degree of variability of plastics, various sizes, shapes, colors, transparent, opaque can be done. Light weight, easy delivery, good printability and recyclability are all reasons for choosing plastic containers. The fatality of plastics is heat resistance, light barrier property and solvent resistance (especially oils and fats). Therefore, the first bottleneck of plastic containers is that they cannot be sterilized by high temperature steam, can not be washed with water, and can not be sterilized by light. In addition, considering the stability of contents, some maintenance items are not suitable for plastic containers.

Compared with plastics, the glass cosmetic containers are heat resistant, light resistant and solvent resistant. So, unless the glass is of poor quality, the home that the skin care product is suitable for is glass container.

Metal cosmetic containers in the molding style of many restrictions, containers mostly cylinder (oil bottle), wide mouth bottle (lip balm) mainly, filling the maintenance products YISHION ointment is most, most of the time as bottle cap, cap and other accessories.

The construction of recycled plastics has made great progress over the past few years. Plastic bottles recycled plastic bottles circulate the craftsmanship, which makes plastic bottles receive a large increase in receiving acceptance rate, and plastic bottles repentance to the image caused by the acceptance of low acceptance, many burning, and the image of the image, instead of the cost of several times. Again and again, many merchants favor. In order to make fun of the trend of low carbon globalization, many large manufacturers of beverage and food plastic bottles have initially preferred to purchase and produce plastic bottles produced from recycled plastics. At present, the domestic company has achieved the full regeneration of plastic bottles.