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What are the characteristics of common cosmetic container spray bottles?

Sep 09, 2018

Spray bottles are mainly used in pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetics containers and chemical bottle packaging market, through spray nozzle control technology, can be a good grasp of the use of dosage. Environmental protection and practical spray bottle complete equipment: it consists of durable bottle body and exchangeable bottle bottom. The new in-bottle bag technology replaces the conventional airless spraying structure with an airless extrusion that includes an independent but must be manually stuffed into the bottle. Cosmetic container

Spray, as a form of water use, is mainly suitable for emergency water replenishment. For example, in a very dry environment (desert, or air conditioning room), or when making up regularly, the makeup artist may use spray, or spray spray on a sponge to achieve the purpose of staining and powder.

The principle of the spray bottle is to form a high pressure system in the bottle, and the liquid in the high pressure drop bottle is sprayed out in the form of very fine water particles. Because these sprayed water particles are very similar to the effect and shape of natural fog, the bottle is called a spray bottle.

There are two common production processes of cosmetics plastic containers: one is extrusion and blowing process, that is, plastics raw materials are added to the extruder, melted and plasticized to extrude the melted billet, then put into the bottle mold to blow molding, cool and set out from the mold, remove the waste edges and get the finished product. This process is mainly used to produce polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride plastic bottles.

Another is: injection-pull-blow process, that is, plastic raw materials through injection molding machine tube billet, and then put into the bottle mold after stretching injection molding, cooling to get the finished product. This process is mainly used to produce PET plastic bottles.