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Technical development of PET plastic bottle blowing

Aug 12, 2018

Whichever profession is from scratch, and PET plastic bottle blowing machine industry is the same, there is still a low output power between the start-up equipment and imported leading equipment, the degree of automation is poor, product size accuracy is poor distance.

However, it is inevitable that there will still be difficulties in the application of some areas where the demand is particularly stringent. In addition, the production equipment of multi-layer co-blown PET bottles has yet to be developed in China, but the development and utilization of domestic two-step biaxial stretching PET bottle blowing machine has played an important role in promoting the production of PET bottles.

At present, China's PET bottle production companies have not only the world's leading PET bottle production line of large backbone companies, but also a lot of China's own design and manufacture of a variety of different levels of automation, simple and practical two-way PET bottle blowing machine small and medium-sized companies, showing a An unprecedented and flourishing situation.

With the development of science and technology, every profession is constantly striving, the development of PET bottle blowing machine with the market demand for plastic bottles to move forward.