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Printing Process

Oct 15, 2015

Screen printing: printed after the effect is obviously concavity. Because it is a layer of ink. The rules of the screen (cylindrical type) can be printed once a complete. Other irregular piece of a fee. Color is also a cost. And two kinds of ink and UV ink. Since the dry ink for a long time, can be used to wipe off alcohol. UV ink feels very difficult to rub off.  

Hot stamping: it is a thin layer of paper used in the paper. So there is no screen printing of concave and convex. And hot stamping is best not to directly in the PE and PP these two materials. Need to heat transfer in the hot stamping. Or a good foil stamping paper can be directly used for. Can not do on aluminum stamping, full speed can be done on hot stamping.   

Water transfer: a non - regular printing process in water. Print out the lines are not consistent. And the price is more expensive.  

Thermal transfer: thermal transfer printing more for large, complex printing products. Belong to the surface attached to a layer of film. The price is too expensive. 

Offset: used for plastic hose and plastic hose. If the color is white offset hose must be used when printing, offset printing color will be out. And sometimes a layer of light or a film is attached to the surface of the hose.