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How to distinguish the cosmetic hose category?

Jun 29, 2019

In terms of level, cosmetic hoses are divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer hoses, which are different in pressure prevention, impermeability and hand feeling. For example, the five-layer tube consists of outer layer, inner layer and two adhesive layers. There is also a barrier layer. Double-layer tubes are more common, and they can be used in medium and low-grade single layers.

In terms of caliber, the diameter of the cosmetic hose is 13#-60#. When selecting a hose of a certain diameter, different capacity characteristics are marked with different lengths. The capacity of 3ml-360ml can be adjusted. 60ml or less commonly used 35# or less caliber, 100ml, 150ml usually use 35#-45# caliber, 150ml or more capacity requires 45# or more caliber.

In terms of production process, round tubes, elliptical tubes, flat tubes, and ultra-flat tubes are more common. Flat tubes and super flat tubes are new types of tubes that have been produced in recent years. They are more complicated than other tube processes, so they are relatively high in terms of price.

The shape of the hose cover is generally divided into a flat head cover, a round head cover, a high cover, a cover, a super flat cover, a double cover, a spherical cover, and a lipstick cover. Of course, in the specific production process, you can also use hot stamping, silver edge, fuel injection, electroplating and so on.

In terms of sealing, there are mainly straight-line tailing, twill-sealing, umbrella-type sealing, star-point sealing, and special-shaped sealing. Of course, the production date we see every day, etc., basically appears on the tail.

For color appearance, it can be used for colored tubes, transparent tubes, transparent matte, and pearl tubes. In addition, there are also matte and bright light, matte looks elegant but easy to dirty. The tail incision is white, which is a large-area printing tube. The ink used is required to be high, otherwise it will fall off easily and will crack and reveal white marks after being folded.

Cosmetic hoses require a unique shape, a wide variety of styles, and beautiful colors. If the transportation and handling process are easily broken and the cosmetics are easy to flow out, such a situation is unacceptable.

The plastic has stable performance and does not react with the contents. It can be made transparent, translucent and opaque. It can be dyed with various bright colors. Various patterns can be made on the bottle surface. The shape of the bottle can also be designed according to the needs. . At the same time, it has many advantages such as low price, excellent performance, and is not easy to be broken. It has a broad future as a cosmetic hose.