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Development trend of perfume plastic bottles

Jan 26, 2018

Development trend of perfume plastic bottles

Mention of perfume bottles, everybody thought is on the dresser, but also for decoration; and we review the perfume well to use perfume bottles are often carefully watched and appearance design, whether the connotation, exquisite and high-end, for women, the choice often is to meet the vision is the first standard;

But for now, people use perfume bottles are made of glass can also highlight the high-end, is fragile, it seems to have become a popular custom; rarely used plastic bottles of perfume; however, today Xiaobian say perfume bottle is exquisite, have to say is a special, car perfume bottle, in this a class seemed to have exquisite high-grade; but compared with the fine, used in car safety is more important, the use of safety and safety of packaging plastic bottles is the most important, in recent years many broke the car perfume bottle heating explosion event; the car is a car of high temperature glass bottles must face the relative environment; Xiaobian that car perfume, plastic bottles easier to adapt to the environment, and no safety hazards; in the car perfume bottle, we all need to emphasis on safety;



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