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Cosmetics packaging in the end of the influence of the desire for shopping how much?

Jan 21, 2017

I believe we must have the same feeling, the use of certain products, if the use of inconvenient, or often failure, it is a very sucking feeling.

Once a small series of friends to buy a very loud hit a domestic advertising facial cleanser, just started using nothing wrong, but with half of the "tired feel do not love", because this product bottle Hard and slippery, the rest of the face cream every time it is difficult to squeeze out ~

Friends Tucao: "Can the water, advertising money points in the product, do the details?" Since then, friends have not bought this brand of other products.

Therefore, the product packaging is very important!

Conventionally used cosmetic bottles, the contents of which are mostly required to be dumped out to use, and the use of cream wide mouth bottle, need to hand smear. The use of spray bottles as cosmetics packaging materials, the first simplified use of the steps, the second reduced product of secondary pollution opportunities, the third more in line with the demands of consumers.

As the sudden emergence of the last two years of sunscreen spray, is by virtue of its ease of use, smear evenly and other advantages to obtain some consumers of all ages. Of course, and sunscreen spray product itself is not greasy fresh flu a sense of a relationship. But the texture of the product and package material with each product is a bright spot.

Different texture and different viscosity of the product using the nozzle diameter is not the same, the smaller the viscosity of the product, nozzle diameter should be appropriately reduced in order to achieve better atomization effect.

In short, packaging is no longer limited to the load and the aesthetic level, the product experience is also very important to use, while the previously mentioned ease is only one. The interesting packaging materials is also one of the direction of the development of packaging.

Speaking of interesting, as the main consumer of cosmetics market consumer, a lot of people for the packaging needs of potential standards.

Meng: packaging printed on the favorite cartoon image, packaging peculiar shape, anthropomorphic, to be materialized, colorful packaging, and so can stimulate consumer desire to buy.

For example, Xiao Bian recently to see a cold medicine (Wu Tai Kang flu cold medicine) new packaging, open the box, which is 12 "small medal", each star is an independent packaging, red ribbon, gold medal, the overall can Can be separated and paste the desktop, cups, and within reach, with a convenient sticker function, can promptly remind patients to take medicine.

This packaging creativity, both interesting, but also gives the package more intimate functions, so that consumers have a good experience.

Simple: usually simple and elegant design style easy to highlight the product of the net, elegant, quality visual experience.

Usability: If some of the packaging materials can be used in other products after the end of storage, the role of decoration, but also give products extra points. As some time ago Xiaobian see a mud products, the use of similar porcelain packaging materials, shape like a small flower pot, to a certain extent, attracted a lot of consumer attention.

When the cosmetic market homogenization of the phenomenon of more and more serious, so that products become monotonous, consumers can hardly distinguish from the nature of good or bad. In this situation, many companies began to shift the target, in the packaging efforts, in order to achieve product differentiation, trying to occupy a place in the market competition.

Therefore, how to make packaging more product information, as well as the ability to innovative and unique packaging to attract consumers eye, is the key from the many products stand out. Breaking the traditional focus on decorative design concept, developers began to people-oriented, from the consumer point of view, the introduction of human product packaging.