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Cosmetic containers have different materials, different properties and characteristics.

Aug 18, 2018

At present, most of the cosmetic bottle caps on the market are made of plastic and aluminum-plastic composite materials. Compared with aluminum-plastic composite materials, aluminum-plastic composite materials have better sealing performance, and the cover is more beautiful. It is the preferred bottle cap material for many high-end cosmetics. Aluminum-plastic composite material in the bottle cap material will contact the liquid in the bottle, so 1060 Aluminum foil is often used as a cosmetics bottle cap aluminum substrate, the thickness is generally between 0.17mm-0.5mm.

ABS material is opaque and has a light tooth color. It can be used as a brightly coloured product with high gloss. It has tough, rigid and rigid material characteristics. PMMA material is transparent, light transmittance is like glass, has good transparency in plastics, but the surface hardness is low. It is easy to scratch hard and rub hair.

Cosmetic container

Cosmetic plastic containers have good chemical stability, low toxicity, hygiene and safety. The cover of the medicine can be made into an insurance cover or a pressure cap, and an anti-counterfeiting mark. The disadvantage of plastic packaging container is that it is easy to carry static electricity, the surface is easy to be polluted, the discarded materials will cause environmental pollution, and it is difficult to recycle and treat.

Aluminum bottle caps for cosmetics containers are mostly processed on automated production lines, so the strength, elongation and dimensional deviation of 1060 Aluminum foil are strictly required, otherwise cracks or creases will occur during processing. In order to ensure that the cap is easy to print after forming, 1060 cosmetics cap is required to use aluminum foil sheet with flat surface, no roll marks, scratches and stains. Because of the high requirement of the aluminium bottle cap materials for cosmetics, there are few mature aluminium processing factories in the domestic market at present. According to the current market distribution, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has a larger market share, occupies more than half of the market share of the bottle cap materials, and has a clear growth trend, with absolute superiority. Good market reputation and won the favor of the majority of manufacturers.