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Cosmetic bottles are very important for cosmetic bottles.

Aug 27, 2018

Whether cosmetic bottles are a key concern for portable customers? Many female customers choose small and delicate cosmetics bottles for work or short-term business trips, which is both face and trouble-free. So when manufacturers choose packaging bottles, they can be considered reasonable and humanized in design. For the promotion of advertising, cosmetics, packaging bottles manufacturers such small and exquisite bottles are also a major selling point.

Of course, it's impossible for all customers to buy small cosmetics bottles, and a large cosmetics bottle has its benefits. The key to decorating the room, the bottom of the miniascape, and so on lies in the style of the bottle.

Cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturer's "pressure" fresh bottle from top to bottom pressure, one rod discharge, the outlet automatically sealed, isolate bacteria do not pollute skin care products, the design concept of fresh packaging is to simplify, the structure is mainly composed of bottle body and piston, can hold different viscosity of skin care products, water cream can be.

The "push" fresh bottle of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturer is different from the pressure head of vacuum pump packer. The design concept of patent fresh packaging is to simplify and simplify. The structure is mainly composed of bottle body and piston. It can hold skin care products with different viscosity. Water cream can be used. The piston can be injected directly from the bottom of the bottle. Push forward.


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