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Coloring Process

Oct 15, 2015

Anodized aluminum: aluminum, on a layer of plastic wrapped in the inner layer. 

Electroplating (UV): effect is bright compared with spray. : spraying and electroplating compared 

the color is dull color.  

Covered sand: a layer of matte texture.  

Secondary oxidation: secondary oxidation in the original oxide layer, so as to achieve a smooth 

surface covered with a dull surface pattern, or dull appearing on the surface of the smooth pattern. 

Production for logo.  

Color: injection molding is added in the raw material in the toner injection molding products. 

Technology is relatively cheap. Can also add pearl powder, can also add cornstarch to make pet 

transparent color become opaque color, then add some toner can color). The production of water 

ripples is related to the amount of pearl powder added.