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Achieve different packaging effects of glass cosmetic containers through various late processes.

Sep 09, 2018

The history of human glass bottle making has been around for thousands of years. Although glass bottles have realized the process of mechanization and industrialization upgrading from artificial to bottle making machines. But glass bottles still retain their traditional flavor everywhere. Glass bottles as packaging products, more and more in the low-end position, basically not high profits, to the volume of the main. It is an effective way to increase the added value of glass cosmetics containers if we want to increase the profit of glass bottles, innovate glass bottles and integrate technology.

The technology of glass cosmetic containers is actually more difficult to implement than plastic bottles. One can be achieved through the glass bottle cap interface, mainly in the glass bottle anti-counterfeiting and other aspects of the article, improve the level of glass bottle anti-counterfeiting, thereby enhancing the profit of glass bottles. One is from the label of glass bottles, glass bottle labels can be extended by two-dimensional code and other mobile Internet docking, and of course, in the bottle body to add tracers and other elements to achieve product traceability system.

In the competition between plastic bottles and glass bottles, because plastic bottles can rely on the appearance of the bottle body label, Decal process, win the favor of many consumers. Today's glass bottles through continuous process reform, but also through the spray painting, frosting and baking flower skills to customers need the pattern, trademark printed on glass cosmetics containers. Because of the transparency and surface smoothness of the glass bottle, through labeling technology, the glass bottle body is easy to slide, and also does not have a good feel. And baking flowers, spray paint and other different, trademark design will not only be long-term preservation in the bottle, for the bottle body also has a better aesthetic.

Plastic containers for cosmetics have always relied on labeling technology to further improve the appearance of the bottle body. Different from this, glass cosmetics containers have a variety of options in the post-modification process, such as baking, painting, frosting and other effects. This makes glass bottles often able to transform various packaging effects. These processes can make glass bottles discolourable, and also enable glass bottles to meet different packaging requirements. Therefore, now in the high-end packaging market, more and more manufacturers out of personalized need to use glass bottles for packaging, and then through a variety of late process to improve, to achieve a unique packaging effect, these plastic bottles are difficult to achieve. According to relevant statistics, glass bottles in the world's packaging market are showing a rapid growth in use.

Glass cosmetics containers are high-end because of its visual impact and texture, compared with plastic bottles and other packaging materials, glass bottles are more texture and thickness, which to a certain extent can draw people's hearts to the high-end of the product. Such lightweight packaging as plastic bottles is not conducive to the feeling of heavy lifting. In addition, glass bottles can be processed in the appearance of many late, can quickly enhance the appearance of the glass bottle, make the glass bottle more artistic sense, thereby improving the temperament.


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