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A list of cosmetic maintenance knowledge

Aug 05, 2018

Stay away from the bathroom

The air humidity in the bathroom is often very high, high humidity environment is not conducive to the safety of cosmetics, in the summer season, even easy to suffer from damp, mouldy, and water. In addition to cleaning products, skin care products and cosmetics should be kept away from the damp bathroom. More commonly used cosmetics can be placed on dresser, and can be used in drawers less. Now buy it now, don't hoard it.

The duration of mascara is 6 months

The mascara should be eliminated for more than 6 months, because the mascara should be pulled continuously when the mascara is used, which makes the eyelash easily hardened and deteriorated; in addition, the mascara is close to the eye, and the dry or hardened Mascara affects the skin. So the mascara used in Kaifeng can not be used for more than six months.

Focus on sunscreen

Like to make-up, but also the standard nine-to-five office, even in midsummer can also be used without sunscreen and sunscreen foundation directly. Because nine to five OL, only in the morning and evening on the way to contact the sun on the road, coated with sunscreen and coated with foundation, is double air, double the skin doubles the waste of oil. Direct use of sunscreen foundation, we should pay attention to the following three points:

Be sure to choose a sunscreen foundation, the best index for SPF15, PA + + both UVA and UVB protection of the foundation.

Skin care products should also be adjusted, to choose water quality, curried, emulsion like products, light and oil free.

After you wash your face, you should quickly make up the make-up water. On the one hand, you should replenish the water and tighten the skin on the one hand. Then smear on the moisturizing skin lotion to make the skin reach the maximum amount of water before the make-up, so that the effect of holding the makeup will be long.


Collect: First gather all the cosmetics scattered in the bathroom, dressing table, traveling bag and so on, then start to sort.

Elimination: eliminate more than 2 years of products; the products that have not been used in the last 6 months should be abandoned, because these products will have little opportunity for you to use.

Observation: what are the main colors left after analysis and finishing? What are the cosmetics used every day? The analysis can be used as a guideline for future cosmetics purchases to help you avoid spending money on cosmetics you already own or don't need at all.

Management: Organize two sets of cosmetics: a set of household, a set of travel; it is best to prepare a small cosmetic bag, so as to make up at any time outside.

Detailed rules and regulations

Like clothes need to be accommodated for changing seasons, cosmetics and skin care products also need to be collected in season. In the change of season, the product will be thrown away, and the color is not suitable for others. Finally, the rest of the product can do the maintenance work before the collection.

Skin care products: first use cotton to dip alcohol, wipe the edges of the bottle cap and bottle mouth clean. This not only has the effect of disinfection, but also can make the bottle mouth easy to breed the oil and wax of bacteria, clean and clean, then seal the bottle with tape to prevent the evaporation from drying.

Lipstick: gently wipe off a layer of contact with the lip with a clean tissue, and you can put it away.

Eye shadow, blush, pancake and other box like make-up: first use a clean cotton cotton, wipe off the already used, dirty powder, and then dipped in Cotton (or cotton) dipped in alcohol, the shell, edge, mirror surface of the box, and then open in the sun, air circulation, ventilation for 5 minutes, cover up can be received It's in the cabinet or in a make-up box.