Empty Tube For Cream

We offer hoses with a diameter of 16-30mm and a capacity of 300-400ml. There are various printing methods including offset printing, hot stamping, silk screen printing, electroplating, etc. Welcome to contact us, we accept OEM, any decoration can be OK.

Product Details

Quick Detail

Printing waysoffset, hot stamping, silkscreen and electroplate
Available capscrew, screw-on flip top and snap-on flip top
Shapesround, oval and flat
Colorstransparent, white and customized
Closuresmatte or glossy
Plastic tubes are suitable for cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, household products and industrial products


Empty Tube For Cream Hose which diameter can be fixed and the length can be customized.In the hose, the special head fits the special pipe diameter.The hose is made of PE material and is classified into an elliptical tube and an ultra-flat tube. Our hose head is an eye cream head that acts as a massage.

The hose is made of PE material and is classified into an elliptical tube and an ultra-flat tube. Our hose heads are used in eye cream heads and lip balm heads. They are mainly used in eye creams and lipsticks and can be used for massage. Empty Tube For Cream printing process can be made into silk screen, offset printing, hot stamping, hot silver


Pipe diameter(mm)Application
Lip gloss, lip essence, eye essence, cream, lotion, fluid candy, sauce and oil packing.
Eye essence, hand cream, lotion, cream, washing form, personal care products, household products, adhesive, fluid candy, sauce and oil packing.
Body lotion, shower gel, face cleanser, make-up foundation, hand cream, hare care products, anti-sun cream, jam and ointment packing.
Facial mask, facial cleanser, hand cream, hand washing form, hair care products, household products, personal care products and industrial oil packing.
Shampoo, hair care cream, body scrub, body lotion, shower gel, personal bathe products.

Product Decoration

1, Various colors are available under certain MOQ.

2, Various decorations are available under certain MOQ.  

3, Silkscreen printing and hot stamping are available   under certain MOQ.


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