Makeup bottle custom mold

Unic Packaging Hangzhou Export Branch is one of the leading China custom mould manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company with productive factory, welcome to buy fashion, cheap, low price or wholesale custom mould products from us. Custom Mould Providing Customer-Driven...

Product Details

Custom Mould

Providing Customer-Driven Solutions

If you can't find exactly the right design within our wide range of standard moulds then the company's Design Team can create it for you.

We have rich experience of designing and moulding unique plastic bottles and jars with professional engineering combine to deliver attractive, functional, and cost effective designs.

Custom molding is the cornerstone of HuiHong. Equipment purchasing, facility design, information system selection, and personnel development make HuiHong a premiere custom molding company. We can help create an optimal design while working within small lead times to get your new product to the market quickly.

Since we specializes in custom plastic containers, we expedite the process…

Drawings in less than a week

Molds as quick as 15 days

Our manufacturing lines are designed for the production of a wide range of specialized containers

Production Line Flexibility…

Built to adapt to customer’s needs



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