Cool Shampoo Bottles

​Product Name:HDPE 500ml Bottle Capacity:400ml,500ml,500ml

Product Details


Product Name
Cool Shampoo Bottles
Origin of PlaceZhejiang, China


A large Cool Shampoo Bottles with a clear nozzle that is easy to pull and can be set to mist or high current

Reusable Cool Shampoo Bottles help protect the environment and eliminate chemical odors that plastic bottles may bring to liquids

With a clean, modern design, you can stay on the counter in your kitchen or bathroom

Household cleaners, a variety of household cleaners, various household cleaners, cleaners, sprays, cleaners and cleaners.

Order one now, a step toward reducing the use of plastic

Cool Shampoo Bottles:


Product Decoration

1, Various colors are available under certain MOQ.

2, Various decorations are available under certain MOQ.  

3, Silkscreen printing and hot stamping are available   under certain MOQ.





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