Airless Pump Container

Product Specification:Empty Foundation Bottle With Pump Item No.MaterialCapactiySizeUNJS-W02PMMA30mlD:35mm X H:130mmUNJS- W02PMMA60mlD:43.3mm X H:145mmUNJS- W02PMMA100mlD:43.3mm X H:180mm.table td, .table t...

Product Details

Empty Foundation Bottle With Pump Specification 

Airless pump bottles protect sensitive products such as natural skin care creams, serums, foundations, and other preservative-free formula creams by preventing them from excessive exposure to air, thus increase product shelf life up to 15% more. This makes airless technology become the new future of cosmetic, beauty, and medical packaging.

The airless bottle has no dip tube but rather a diaphragm that rises to evacuate the product. When user depresses the pump, it creates a vacuum effect, drawing the product upwards. Consumers can use almost all of the products without any waste left and they don't have to worry about the problem of the standard pump that do not work appropriately for many products.

Empty Foundation Bottle With PumpDecoration

1, Various colors are available under certain MOQ.

2, Various decorations are available under certain MOQ.  

3, Silkscreen printing and hot stamping are available   under certain MOQ.


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